Goodnighties loves Dorothy Hamill and so do I :)

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Sleeping like a baby is everyone’s dream

Happy New Year to all!  Here’s my ‘tip’ to start the year off right!

Since most people (busy mom’s in particular) cherish precious sleep-time Goodnighties is a great place to begin.  Afterall… who doesn’t want to sleep likSleeping like a baby is everyones dream! e a baby?

 In the fast paced world that we all live, SLEEP is one of the things we just can’t get enough of!  I know this first-hand when in January 2010, I was experiencing what I now imagesCA0YMHDIcall a severe broken internal thermostat! imagesCA8FI9S3 There were times when I was excruciatingly hot in the dead of winter in Chicago and then I would be cold cold with multiple blankets over me!  It was nuts.  I then discovered Goodnighties.

What I have found in wearing my Goodnighties is that when this amazing, soft, 4/way stretch, light-weight fabric is on my skin (coverage is best) it keeps my temperature much more even. The moisture-wicking for someone like me was like magic! imagesCASSGX7F

I have also perfected this ‘art’ by adding an oversized cotton night shirt OVERimagesCA341R9K my Goodnighties top (because I am in a northern climate)  and I also wear socks at night…  I know, not a pretty visual but it works.  I now sleep uninterrupted 8 hours a night and I honestly couldn’t function in my life it were less.     I just wanted to put this out there to arrest any thoughts that Goodnighties is not a year-round fabric….cuz it most certainly is!

So there you have my ‘beauty’ tip for 2013…. It’s a good one! tell your friends!   LOL….


(a.k.a. Sleeping Beauty – ha ha )

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 Twas the night before Christmas, tonight…. (ok, I know it’s not!)imagesCAWCIVXO but it feels like it to me!  SANTA called me (err, I mean an esteemed producer from ABC WorldNews Tonight  called –  you know who you are!)  When I got the call in late afternoon on Monday I had been working as I usually do…feverishly getting nowhere with media contacts and writers – another tough day in the trenches…  THEN….suddenly …. when a clatter arose (my phone), …. I received the exciting news that Goodnighties had been ‘picked’ for Diane Sawyer and David Muir’sABC NEWS #madeinamerica program for  Wed. 12.12.12 (6:30 p.m. EST) !  Can you think of anything more exciting for a ‘gift’ for a publicist? (ME!)  I nearly fainted!

We are all so excited to be included in a program that we have enthusiastically followed from the day it began.  We applaud Diane Sawyer and David Muir for their continued efforts in bringing awareness to #madeinamerica  brands!  A subject I might add, that all American’s need to ‘tune in’ to both figuratively and literally!

imagesCAEXC7FQWhen American’s start reading labels of the things they are buying  like transfat on food labels they will be in for an eye imagesCA90YGVLopener! … and when Americans consistently start buying American made goods they just might be surprised by how quickly our economy will turn around and those in your life who are ‘looking’ for a good job — just might be able to find it. (just say’n)….

Nite nite and sweet dreams to all!




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Goodnighties and Baby Boomers … The Perfect Holiday Match!

imagesCAM79CYPFor regular readers of this blog, many know Goodnighties is a brand created and developed by Baby Boomers.  Marcia is the ‘Mother-of-Invention’ and I’m the discoverer of this ‘Invention’ and the voice to tell the world about it! 🙂 (among other things!) imagesCA3HLD9M

Baby Boomers in particular are suited for Goodnighties mainly because (as we age) our wildly busy demanding work schedules and years of staying out too late are ‘activities’  catching up with this group! 😉imagesCABG3NLD  I can attest to that!….  and symptoms of menopause – let’s just not even go there!    Women and men are finding sleep issues are beginning to erode their health.   Life is hard when your tired!

After finding Goodnighties many know (fortunately) that it’s  ‘the fix’ – a simple solution for better sleep, new found energy and it’s good value too!

With that thought, new ways of finding comfort and better sleep have moved to the forefront  and here’s why….

“The body clock changes,” said Dr. Atul Malhotra, associate professor at Harvard Medical School and medical director for the sleep disorders program at Harvard-affiliated Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. “It’s not just that people sleep poorly because they’re older. As we get older, we’re more at risk for conditions such as insomnia or sleep apnea.”


Further issues with this problem continue…. YIKES!

Sleep problems plague our fast-paced culture and about 70 million Americans, according to the National Center on Sleep Disorders Research at the National Institutes of Health, suffer with sleep issues. The consequences can vary from feeling drowsy at work to dozing off while driving, something that causes an estimated 1,500 deaths and tens of thousands of injuries per year. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that 48 percent of adults snore and nearly 38 percent unintentionally fell asleep during the day at least once in a month.


The loyal followers of Goodnighties sleepwear know even after the first night, that temperature issues are addressed through our unique patented fabric resul in a more restful night’s sleep. For that reason, Goodnighties has become a very popular gift for this holiday season.gift_cert

The soft, comfortable 4/way stretch fabric in Goodnighties has a superior moisture-wicking rating and it is proven to quickly wick-away moisture keeping one dry (and asleep) through the night. Another variable is the anti-microbial factor in this fabric. It is a ‘dream’ attribute for travelers. Women with symptoms of menopause also benefit from the ionized technology called IonX which is built into the fabric fibers.

Nothing better if you are looking for some relief.  Also, if you are busy like me, ‘anti-microbial’ cuts down on laundry- just say’n  and if you travel….


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Santa, have we got a gift for you! :)

Santa, have we got a gift for you! 🙂.

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Santa, have we got a gift for you! :)

Santa needs simple ideas this year!

Since 1926 consumers have been treated to the famous Neiman-Marcus catalog of decadent gifts. The featured fancy items are dreams for most people especially in tricky economic times like today.   Who needs a fancy new $100k house for chickens?!

A chicken coop from N&M fantasy gifts- dream on!

really?…… Not me!

Practicality, quality and value are now leading the proverbial gift list headlined by Goodnighties Recovery Sleepwear.  Our new high-performance pajamas ionized for better sleep, moisture-wicks and anti-microbial is the perfect gift for the season. (really!)

Travelers love anti-microbial properties, women & men love moisture-wicking to stay dry (and sleeping) through the night and those with chronic pain from illness are also over-the-moon over this high-tech fabric!

For the person who has ‘everything’ – better sleep for better health is a welcome idea that many affirm from the special fabric used in making Goodnighties.

Goodnighties is unique on several levels. The brand is made 100% in the USA– an undeniable rarity these days and all styles are sold separately. Customers are encouraged to mix and match sizes, styles and colors. For those still unsure, gift certificates are also available.

It’s a great stocking stuffer and won’t weigh- down Santa!

Goodnighties is the ‘gift’ everyone needs!  For a 20% off discount … code in ‘twenty’ – this offer is ending 11/30/12 – don’t delay!

Speaking of breaks… have a great Thanksgiving too!

tell your friends!


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Goodnighties Writes (again!) – Dear Santa, Need HELP

It’s THAT time of year again … writing Santa!   Oh, I forgot, I do this all year-long!

In my role as the ‘Grande Dame’ of all communication efforts for Goodnighties Recovery Sleepwear I have learned more lessons than I care to recall since this ‘journey’ began for me (March 2010).  My experience prior had been (for years) all Corporate – with, I might add, some pretty fine results.  I’m a decent writer, highly creative and very resourceful at sniffing out opportunities for public relations exposure.  I have designed crazy programs that in the past, have received international press… traditional angles, that also have appeared on the front pages of highly read publications.  I am no stranger to results.

With a new brand in front of me (Goodnighties) – a new fabric which helped me personally sleep waaay better without a sleeping pill in sight, I had a very high expectation for a quick start to get things rolling.

I couldn’t have been more wrong with that premonition.

Looking back it was like drinking a big glass of Kool-aid (on the rocks).

First mistake…the thought of reaching people via ‘new-fangled’ email  (I took a break to raise kids :)….. it  sounded like ‘easy access’ to me … certainly a whole lot more efficient than printed press kits/ stamps and addressing envelopes like we did in the old days.

…. So I ‘dug in’…. blinders on ….head first…. Like a hot flash, I quickly began writing creative messages and appropriately researched notes to media outlets, producers, staff writers, freelance writers — oh, OK… you name it!  Rather…. name a place I didn’t contact! It was a full-on blitz!   These inquiry letters I might add, were directed to actual people not outlets.

In the beginning,  I was excitedly writing to tell ‘my story’ of Goodnighties – then- with no response, the process became a bit more taxing so I changed gears….. I then started boiling down facts about Goodnighties like ‘flash-cards’ for a toddler!   Hmmm? I then became dumbfounded by a continued ZERO response to places that really made sense for new content….. was I really writing to Santa?!?

I was even thinking that I had ’email halitosis’ something I imagined to be an offensive odor from my computer!  It really was unimaginable….   Then my ‘ahh’  Oprah moment hit…..

I had forgotten about one very important fact in today’s competitive world ….

THE DREADED DELETE BUTTON …….. a simple keyboard tool that represents…‘never happened here’…. tsk, tsk…..   it’s as simple as that!

During our extremely busy lives, I do understand… hundreds of emails, too many things & who has time to learn about new brands?!  Ironically, everyone is exhausted and fried from the volume of work in front of them each day! Myself included ….  I ‘get it’ …. but is that an excuse?

There was definitely a pattern here…. ZERO response from simple inquiries to even clever commentaries like “I have a dream” … that someday ….someone will respond to my email!  (for Martin Luther King B-day 🙂  the no-response pattern day-in and day-out is really tiring.  Thank goodness I have my Goodnighties!

What does motivate me is when we do have a breakthrough, even if it’s a small Goodnighties mention…. sales go crazy!  …. women (and now men) really are looking for us!  Our repeat sales continue to confirm what I have always known… Goodnighties is special and if you don’t believe me, go back to your regular nightwear and you’ll notice a difference! 🙂

The ‘pitching  game’  professionally known as ‘media relations’ is like spitting on dice at a gambling table …. low risk (except grinding frustration) – with high reward when it does work …..  so I guess I’ll get back to it…  Unless, you my faithful readers have other ideas for me!

So to repeat….it’s that time of year again… something I experience all year long! … like writing to Santa… Ho, Ho, Ho – and to note, I do thank the very teeny minority that have responded …. Your Mother would be proud.

And while writing about  ‘Santa’… Here is my second mistake;  We have ‘delivered’ (err, I mean shipped)  expensive product samples to  bloggers who I am sure now (after being ‘burned’) are ‘shopping’ for their own gain (or holiday shopping!)   I have examples that are really baffling – and very Grinch-like.

Bloggers enthusiastically write with detailed shipping instructions (even before we agree for sizes & colors…. tsk, tsk)  to ‘review’…. to then ‘receive’ their gift  and not respond (really!)  That to me, is even worse than the delete button.  Like modern-day-pan-handlers …. Another reason to be careful!  Those types have really ruined it for the legitimate bloggers. Too bad.

So to my dear ‘friend’,  Santa…. please respond this year!  -Give people some manners!    –that’s what they need! …..

I am so childlike and hopeful that someone will actually read something I write and take action to help us tell the world how badly they need Goodnighties for Zzzz.  I will always remain hopeful 🙂  Happy Holidays to all!  I have to always stay in the spirit of the season! LOL

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Black Friday Is It Killing American Jobs?

American jobs are a fitting theme for Halloween – still very scary!

As promised… my view of business from the trenches. 🙂
Like everyone, I love a good deal but today when I was reading a media inquiry for my ‘strategy’ for Black Friday shopping (huh?) a ‘strategy’ really? ….. it kinda hit a sour note with me.
Black Friday has always been something I have personally stayed away from even before joining Goodnighties. I’m not into ‘crowds’ …Now being in the thick of a shaky economy with lots of under-employed friends, I have an entirely different view of this ‘event’.

Black Friday in my opinion, is the ‘kick- off’ event to further killing jobs in our economy.  Just thinking about it gives me a HOT FLASH!  I am hoping after all the suffering for the past 4 years that American’s will start to understand that 50-75% off on discounted goods eventually will hurt EVERYONE in one way or another

It’s a simple fix…just start buying American made brands at a fair price and with volume (there are lots of us!) amazing things will happen!
Supporting deeply discounted goods is like a quick candy bar, it’s not always the best thing in the long run.
So many are diligently working to get business’s off the ground (we’re in that mix) and when an American consumer supports wildly discounted goods it’s going to eventually find its way to further eroding of jobs and for that, it keeps our economy from gaining any traction.

Buying these goods (and many are foreign-made) is like feeding an overseas monster and then the demand keeps growing.  These ‘deals’ are everywhere! Network television personalities touting words of American-made job creation and in the same breath, discounting foreign-made goods. These ‘steals’ are stealing jobs!
I long for the days when the ‘red dot’ or ‘orange dot’ was carefully hidden – back then, we were satisfied with 20-25% off – deep discounts seem to now be a badge of honor!
When did this shift happen? or better yet, when will the pendulum swing in the other direction? !

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No Debate Here…Goodnighties Recovery Sleepwear is a Winning Fabric

If you’re like me you’re probably watching the final Presidential debate tonight…

what a season it has been!

Whether your views are conservative or liberal when it comes to your sleep attire one thing that is undisputable is the ultimate goal of getting a good night’s sleep. For the record, new Goodnighties Recovery Sleepwear is the clear winner even for restless flip flopper sleepers.

Those on the right side or left side of the bed are sure to find relief in Goodnighties high-performance ionized fabric.  It’s uniquely made to promote better sleep through a patented ionization technology called IonX.  Goodnighties also moisture-wicks and is anti-microbial a first to combine these attributes in sleep fabric.  Average non-sleepers love this fabric and it’s a ‘dream’ for travelers.

Even without a poll, sleep concerns today are a problem for women and men.  According to Clete Kushida, MD, a neurologist and sleep-medicine specialists at the Stanford University School of Medicine states “an estimated 50-70 million people complain of associated daytime impairment, and that insomnia seems to be on the rise”.

The Society of Neuroscience during their most recent conference, (Oct. 2012) announced many studies on the importance of sleep and brain mechanisms. It was concluded that sleep contributes to shaping memory, learning and behavior concluding that one in five American adults show signs of chronic sleep deprivation, making the condition a widespread public health problem.

All are in agreement that simple solutions can make a difference in a person’s quality of life when it comes to better sleep. Goodnighties high performance fabric is aligned with the awareness brought forth through this conference.

“As these research findings show, we cannot underestimate the importance of a good night’s sleep,” said press conference moderator Clifford Saper, PhD, MD, from the Harvard Medical School, an expert on sleep and its deprivation. “Brain imaging and behavioral studies are illuminating the brain pathways that are blocked or contorted by sleep deprivation and the risks this poses to learning, memory, and mental health”.

One culprit that contributes to problems linked to insomnia is body temperature changes.  For women, hot flashes are unquestionably the single symptom of menopause that aggravates women the most.    Goodnighties Recovery Sleepwear serves as a non-hormonal solution to address this issue.  The non-binding, comfortable, 4-way-stretch custom-made fabric has ‘superior’ moisture-wicking properties.

Since Goodnighties was featured on The Dr. Oz Show earlier this year, many agree with his on air assertion that “Goodnighties keeps you really cool all night long” and “I really like the way they feel” he continued from the segment titled “Secrets from Dr. Oz’s House”.   Dr. Oz is a leader today in better health and the enlightenment from his ideas is highly revered.   “A simple solution like Goodnighties is exactly what people are looking for when it comes to better sleep” said Goodnighties owner, Marcia Bacon.   “The repeat purchase ratio is very high and so are referrals – that’s a strong vote for Goodnighties” she continued.

In a race for time, sleep has become a luxury that can’t be taken for granted.  Pills are not the answer and the new direction for better health is finding a simple solution for better sleep. Goodnighties is 100% Made in the USA (another reason you’ll sleep better) It’s the perfect gift for the holidays for women and men.  Sold separately for mix and match sizes, styles and colors.   For further information visit

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A Refreshing Goodnighties Surge of Better Sleep Led to ‘Aha’ Moment!

My ‘voice’ through this blog is going to whistle, sing praises and scream in many directions but probably not at the same time!  My goal here is to share useful tips on a wide range of subjects.

I am by nature, an extreme problem solver and in my world that can mean lots of different things!   The range is vast….replacing a wax ring on a toilet to solving my own sleep issues when hormone changes began to take over my life.   In late 2009 my sassy teens joined this sleep conundrum, (I’m an older mom) and I was determined to find a solution!  As mothers of teens know you have to be alert to deal with that phase of life!

In my research I found….

According to the National Women’s Health Network  “We recommend that women who experience troublesome hot flashes try non-hormonal therapies as the first line of treatment” 

I agree with that!

After years of infertility treatments I also knew the definition of HOT FLASHES like no other and when they started up again … it was horrendous. 

My doctor also refused to allow me to even try HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy )so I was stuck.   As you age, I also believe you are a lot less tolerant – so in mid life I was quite determined to find a simple solution and began researching to find some relief.   I had no idea what I was looking for, but had to start somewhere.

I now believe it was a divine intervention (or a fairy tapped me on the shoulder! ) because I randomly discovered ‘Goodnighties Recovery Sleepwear’  on-line hmm? … By name alone, I knew I needed whatever it was cuz I hadn’t had a good-nights sleep in months – kids had also been waking me up for years so the idea of regular uninterrupted sleep was a ‘dream’ – I really needed to break this pattern which had become a nightmare.  I would wake up from having a hot flash to then become completely restless to not be able to go back to sleep.  Can we all say chronically exhausted?!

What happened next was unexpected and greatly appreciated!  I ordered a soft pink (like pictured) Goodnighties crop pant style and 3/4 sleeve top which arrived very quickly – I also appreciated the fact that Marcia (Goodnighties owner) had discounted my purchase by 40% because it was January (who knew?) anyway that night, I wore the jammies right out of the package (I know, should have washed them – but I was tired!)  I then (like a miracle) slept straight through the night!  I still can’t believe it!

I actually thought I had lost my mind!

Just the suggestion of ‘better sleep’ could not have been the reason… I had too much history of restless sleeping to buy into that thought.  I then started paying attention to the details and learned more about the patented technology in this unique fabric.  (IonX)  the moisture-wicking was also a great attribute…and anti-microbial.  Unique fabric indeed!

Ok, to continue  (I’m trying to keep this blog short so I’ll shorten this drama  🙂 From my first night sleeping… (a miracle)  I started sleeping a whole lot better and healed my tired right brain (the creative side)  I then ‘for fun’ ordered other moisture-wicking brands to determine whether there really was a difference and yes, there was!

I started to feel refreshed!

My Oprah ‘aha moment’ came to me at 3 a.m. the night I was rummaging around in my laundry room looking for my Goodnighties scheduled for washing.

From that moment, I knew I was not alone (cuz I’m pretty darn average) It occurred to me that there must be other women like me who are exhausted from no sleep and are unaware of a fabric solution.

I then decided to boldly cold-call Marcia Bacon to offer my professional services for marketing and promoting this completely new category and undiscovered brand in sleepwear (oh, yeah… I have a background in launching brands, marketing and PR and a high-degree of creative energy!)    so in a matter of weeks in early 2010, I found myself flying to Huntsville, Alabama from Chicago to ‘talk’-   If you are reading to here (Congratulations!)  you now know the story!  Yes, I joined the team and haven’t looked back!   So as you can guess, I am personally the #1. fan of Goodnighties.  Years later, I still will not be without my Goodnighties (ever!)  Even in cold months (like Chicago) I wear this light-weight fabric always (sometimes add a jersey top over)  It’s the fabric on my skin that has become a requirement for sleep (for me) and I can tell the difference.

Nite nite and sweet dreams!


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